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The New Drug Trivia Game for Students and Health Care Professionals

Pharmacy Crack is a trivia game app that increases memory retention while learning drug information and pharmacology for all healthcare students, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, medics, pharmacy technicians, and all other health care workers. We checked out the app just to see how gamification learning apps are better than traditional learning.

Let’s be honest, sometimes it is not easy to get up early and motivate our self to study and read books and scroll on screens all day reading research papers. Cramming in this much information is not fun and it is not always the best method to learn, especially in 2020 when we understand more about how the brain works.

Gamification gives us that extra motivation to learn and compete through gaining rewards. Just like a video game or likes on social media posts, we strive for goals and rewards. Pharmacy Crack App is the perfect leaning trivia game that has found the perfect balance between education, learning and fun.

The Front-Line Workers

Health workers have been our saviour during this recent worldwide pandemic, and it goes to show how long this industry of millions of workers in this sector have been lost and forgotten by the public and mainstream media.

We are seeing nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and all other healthcare professionals in hospitals and pharmacies risking their lives to save COVID 19 patients. This has put a spotlight on the system and how imperative it is that we have the best, most educated staff in the health sector.

The knowledge of these professionals in the industry is imperative, new research and studies are conducted constantly and professionals must find ways to keep up with the new information and knowledge to stay educated and up to date in their field.

New ways to stay competent other than boring continuing education in the health sector is needed and Pharmacy Crack is finding solutions.

Therefore, gamification and education are using technology and gaming apps in a new space to enhance learning but also to have fun along the way.

There needs to be innovative solutions in 2020 and by adding serious gaming with cost effective, portable, enjoyable learning experience workers can find new interesting ways to keep their knowledge sharp whenever they want.

The goal of Pharmacy Crack

Pharmacy Crack is a revolutionary drug-based trivia game that saw a large hole in the market for learning in the niche of healthcare. The question was how to create a game and an app that people could play to learn more about pharmacology and drugs in a positive casual environment to increase awareness, knowledge, and the betterment of society while having fun and competing along the way.

Trivia Game App Review

After playing Pharmacy Crack, we saw the benefits very early on because not only were we learning and having a good time with the trivia game but we were retaining the knowledge which is not always the case when learning new information for the first time.

Because of gamification our small sample study with friends and workers in the office found that retaining the knowledge was much easier when learning it in this format as opposed to traditional learning from reading a textbook or from a computer.

By being engaged in a game that forced friendly competitions amongst us improved our concentration and focus but because of the enjoyment factor, Pharmacy Crack ‘cracked’ the fun and learning experience in the drug trivia gaming niche.

Benefits and Studies

Studies which can be found at Researchgate.net showed a small but significant study that reported a difference between gaming and digital education with regards to their memory retention when learning new information or skills.

Serious gamification does show to be at least as effective and even more effective in some cases for improving knowledge and memory retention.

No more routine memorization to pass a test, now educators and students can concentrate on cognitive learning techniques that keep the user engaged. We found that Pharmacy Crack with its point reward system, Drug IQ levels, head to head competitions, and diverse categories create a positive casual environment to strive to learn more.

Pharmacy Crack App – Overall Outlook Grade:  A-

  • Increases user retention
  • More enjoyable learning experience
  • Powerful for engagement and stimulating more use
  • Researched Data analysis proven to enhance learning
  • Goal oriented
  • Creates learning bonds with colleagues, co-workers, and classmates
  • Healthy competition with yourself and others

Our Thoughts

With the gamification data, the questions and Drug IQ levels of the app help measure the student’s performance and allows evaluation to be conducted using the information and data stored on the trivia app.

When tested by nursing faculty workers, the results were overwhelming positive regarding using this gamified platform for educational rewards. They felt that playing the trivia game increased their knowledge and retention, they also felt it improved motivation to learn. And we should add, they enjoyed learning and the competition.

Download today

If you are a healthcare provider or working in the health care industry or a student, we highly recommend Pharmacy Crack to better understand pharmacology, drugs, and other educational information needed in this occupation.

Download to Discover Your Drug IQ. Put your knowledge to the test. Learn to reach your goals.


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