What to do with High Heart Rate and Hypertension?

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      I am a 35 year old male, having a BMI of 27. I am having Hypertensions since 2-3 years. I am taking Losartan-H tablets for Hypertension. My blood pressure usually comes in the range of 130-134/85-90. The issue is that at times, my pulse rate becomes higher than normal. Usually since last one year, it remains in the range of 80-100 bpm. I have done ECG and Treadmill Stress Test. Every thing is normal. All Blood Tests are normal.

      Please suggest if there is any need for worry doe to elavated levels of Heart Rate.


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      It’s good that your all test reports are OK, so first of all, you don’t worry anymore.
      Here are some useful guidelines that can make normal your blood pressure or help prevent high blood pressure in the first place:
      Daily exercise
      Eat a light and veggie diet
      Mostly eat potassium and magnesium rich-foods
      Decrease sodium in daily use
      Leave alcohol consumption
      Forget and leave any stress if you have any
      Love to eat dark chocolate
      Happy Live!

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        Thanks for great advice, Yes I am doing regular exercise and taking my medicines regularly. Only thing which I missing a proper diet as I tried myself but doesn’t helping much. Better I should concern with proper advices.

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        Mike John
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        Right suggestions to control and management of Hypertension as it’s a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and stroke.
        Moreover, avoid tobacco products, quitting brings it back down. Smokers have higher resting heart rates. By doing so you can start to control your heartbeat and also help maintain a healthy heart. Be careful.

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      To better diagnose a heart arrhythmia, the doctor will frequently do a physical check up and ask problem related questions about your medical history and symptoms.
      Its recommended tests may be done to confirm an unusual heartbeat and look for situations that can cause arrhythmias, such as thyroid disease or heart disease.
      Heart arrhythmias tests may include:
      ECG or EKG and track all reports by Holter monitor, Event recorder, Echocardiogram and Implantable loop recorder.
      After final reports of irregular heart rhythms doctors can final diagnose and prescribe right treatment for you.

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      Susan Miller
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      Listen please if any doctor can’t find an arrhythmia during those tests, then try to organize with other tests to trigger the arrhythmia; which may include:
      Stress test:
      Some arrhythmias are triggered or worsened by exercise. If you have trouble exercising, a medicine may be given to inspire the heart in a way that’s similar to exercise.

      Tilt table test:
      A doctor may recommend this test if you’ve had fainting spells. Your heart rate and blood pressure are monitored as you lie flat on a table.

      Electrophysiological testing and mapping:
      As soon as in, the electrodes can map the spread of electrical impulses through the heart. In this test, also called an EP study, a cardiologist uses the electrodes to excite the heart to beat at rates that may trigger or halt arrhythmia.
      By adopting this helps the specialist to determine the correct location of the arrhythmia, possibly causes and the best treatment options.

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      wallace pont
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      Avoid high-fat diet and stick with cleaner diets with fruits and vegetables. A lot of water could also help dissolve unwanted fats and cholesterol. A physician could prescribe medications and other lifestyle changes that one should follow.

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      Thanks for your help guys. Yes I am focusing on reducing Cholesterol as it is main reason for my problems. I think my food intake timing is worst because of my working schedule.

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      Your elevated heart rate isn’t especially surprising given your obesity, and is still within normal limits, although higher than you’re probably used to since you’d been on a beta blocker before. Your blood pressure is adequately controlled, it would seem, and heart rate is not a big consideration so long as it doesn’t get into the significantly tachycardic range at rest. It’s bound to get faster during exertion, especially with your BMI.

      It sounds to me as though you’re perhaps a little anxious, which is understandable, but with the BP under control the next clear step is to work on weight reduction, which may well resolve the BP problem as well as allow your heart to slow its resting rate.

      I hope this helps. Good luck to you and please follow up with us here as needed.

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