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      I have been paranoid about cancer my whole life. I was curious if it’s easy to detect cancer? Could you detect it right as it’s starting? I’m asking, because my cousin says he has these bumps on his body that are soft, and he doesn’t take them seriously. Could they be cancerous? We asked him to see a doctor about them, but he doesn’t seem to care. How can we get him in?

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      Detection will require several tests that one should go through. It is better to detect cancer on its early stage so that the doctor could do something to curb it like surgery or chemotherapy.

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      Few early recognition of Cancer symptoms are:

      A lump or bump varying in appearance or proportion
      A new lump or bump
      Unstable cough
      Unexpected staining
      Unexplained or chronic pain
      A change to your usual bowel or bladder habits
      Skin disorders

      These are few signs how to spot cancer early.

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      If you want to detect cancer by yourself at home, listen please there is not any particular test that diagnoses cancer at home with whole satisfaction. However, people can use self-prevent to help spot any new changes or irregularities as soon as possible. It is recommended anybody who get warns anything unusual among a self-check should contact with a doctor as early as possible.

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      Some cancers are more easily detected than others. For example, certain types of skin cancer can be diagnosed initially just by visual inspection — though a biopsy is necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

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