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      Susan Miller
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      I need suggestion, I have been running too much last few months due to training profession for boot camp and I have observed a slight about 6 inches from my ankle, would I worry about it? It is not painful though.

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      For calf lump symptoms it including 4 causes:
      What color is the lump?
      Is your lower leg lump painful to touch?
      Any fever today or during the last week?
      Do you have a rash?

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      If you are alright with it without pain then might be not a big issue but if you see following sign than better contact your doctor:

      A lump or mass in an arm or leg that is bigger than a golf ball
      A lump that continues to grow over time
      A lump that is more firm than normal fat
      A lump that is not mobile
      A lump that is not close to the skin surface

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