Hormonal Imbalance and Acne

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      Sometimes, the reason why a person has more acne or more prone to acne than others is due to hormonal imbalance. Some women need to take birth control pills for hormonal balance and not for contraceptive purposes. If your period is irregular or if puberty makes you feel uncomfortable due to acne, talk to a doctor to prescribe you with the right medications.

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      Acne could be a sign of hormonal imbalance but sometimes it could be just a result of poor hygiene in the face. Hormonal imbalance could include symptoms like mood swings, irregular period, insomnia, and other issues. It could happen to adults too. Thus, the advice of an expert in hormone issues is could improve the symptoms of hormonal imbalance like the presence of too many acne.

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      Not all acne could be blamed to hormonal imbalance, sometime we only have to be careful of our face to prevent acne outbreaks. There are dermatology products that we can use to prevent acne from taking over our life. Sometimes, it just lie of the good and clean habits.

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