Can anxiety cause heart tremors all day?

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      Sometimes I feel a pounding pulse in my neck. With anxiety, I fear may experience acute attack or become stuck in this response, which can lead to obstinate heart palpitations.
      Need your guidance!

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      While anxiety can cause palpitations, the episodes can be eased by learning relaxation techniques, discussing de-stressing strategies with a therapist, and medication. Schedule an appointment with your doctor or a mental health professional if you think your heart palpitations could be caused by anxiety.

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      I don’t think anxiety or panic attack causes heart tremors all day. If you are experiencing such symptom, it is better to have it checked by your cardiologist to identify any issue related to your heart.

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      Actually heart tremors is a feelings of having a fast-beating, pounding heart, or fluttering often for just a few seconds or minutes. While, Stress, exercise, medication or, hardly, a medical stage can trigger them. Meanwhile heart palpitations can be troublesome, they’re usually under control.

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