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      Mart Brew RN
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      Many describe bulimia nervosa sa binge-eating, over-eating, and feeling guilty afterwards. There’s a big difference between those who have bulimia symptoms and those who are just into-binge-eating. During the hard lockdowns, many people were so stresses that hey consume more foods than before. They did not feel heavy guilt thereafter to the point of inducing one’s self to vomit; so it’s not bulimia.

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      nurse jane
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      Yes, I agree that bulimia is different from a simple binge-eating. However, binge-eating always could be sign of unchecked psychological problems like anxiety or depression so one should really talk to a psychiatrist regarding their eating problems

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      It is disorder and you should find following sign if you want to check yourself:

      Episodes of binge eating.
      Self-induced vomiting.
      Smelling like vomit.
      Misuse of laxatives and diuretics.
      Complaining about body image.
      Expressing guilt or shame about eating.

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