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      The end to covid has been a long time coming, but I honestly don’t know if it will ever go away. Do you think that covid will be here for the rest of our lives? Or will we be out of the woods soon?

      I’m just tired of covid as I’m sure you all are as well.

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      Yeah I do worry that covid isn’t going to leave us anytime soon. I hate that we’re stuck with this virus, and not the omicron variant or whatever it is, is starting to make its rounds in the US.

      I just hope we don’t have another lockdown. I can’t take another year of this.

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      Mike John
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      According to latest World Health Organisation’s Director-General report, he was hopeful that the Covid-19 pandemic will finish in the end of 2022 only if disproportion ends.
      No doubt COVID-19 is disturbing us all and it can feel like the whole thing is changing fast. A lot of people are worrying about different concerns but we just need to establish our will power to face any unexpected situation.

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      Sara Kanell
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      For two years, the pandemic has been giving us the feeling of uncertainty ad anxiety and that could lead to some mental issues. However, we should also remind ourselves that nothing in this world is permanent so for sure, COVID-19 will end. We’re all in this together so we should remain strong.

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      I am worried but I know one day it will end but not in near future, we new variants are coming but effect of it is mild means we will adjust with Covid in future with normal vaccine like we taking flu vaccine every year.

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      COVID is not yet endemic because too many people still lack any immunity from either vaccination or infection, here in the United States and globally. Europe is a cautionary tale in this regard. Endemic is now often used to describe the point where the virus’s danger fades to the levels of the flu or, better yet, the common cold. In its technical definition, though, endemic describes an equilibrium, a point where the immunity gained in a population is balanced by the immunity lost. Immunity can be gained through vaccination or infection, and it can be lost through waning immune response, new variants, or population turnover as susceptible babies are born.

      At the moment we are going on last stage as from my believe.

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