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      Anal bleeding doesn’t necessarily mean anal cancer or hemorrhoids. Sometimes it is due to irritation, infection, or constipation. However, we should not disregard it so we should consult a doctor immediately if we experience anal bleeding. a colonoscopy could provide insights on what the problem could be.

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      The bleeding could cause infection especially if there are ruptured tissues inside. I advise that with such symptom, one should really consult to their doctor as soon as possible.

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      Rectal bleeding is a symptom of conditions like hemorrhoids, anal fissures, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), ulcers and colorectal cancer. Typically, you notice rectal bleeding on toilet paper, in the water of the toilet bowl or in your stool. It’s usually a good idea to reach out to your healthcare provider whenever you have rectal bleeding. It can be a sign of another health condition that might need treatment. If you have heavy bleeding or are seeing blood in multiple bowel movements, it’s urgent that you see your provider. Rectal bleeding can have serious causes that need to be treated.

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      Anal bleeding can be a sign of many different problems. Some causes can be serious, which is why it should be checked out by your doctor. If you notice either bright red or black/tarry anal bleeding, see your doctor as soon as possible. If your bleeding is non-stop or in large amounts, go to the emergency department immediately.

      You may need tests to find the cause of the bleeding. These could include X-rays or endoscopic procedures such as a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is the passage of a long, flexible tube through the colon, which allows doctors to see what is happening inside it.

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