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      1.For every thought you have, a surge of electrical currents from your brain release an unknown number of neurochemicals, responsible for the operation of your nervous system. Your body responds to each thought accordingly like a world-class conductor leading a famous orchestra, with everything working in unison from your heart, liver and lungs performing their role with precision.

      2. What, where, how and the length of time we give attention to something in life, along with our repetitive thoughts forms our neurological wiring.

      3.Concentrating on pain that exists within your body, sends electrical currents to your mind that continues producing the pain.

      4. Repetitive thoughts create connections in the brain that quickly become iron clad. These thoughts move from conscious to unconscious ways of thinking and being. That is how we act on auto-pilot.

      5. The process of change requires forgetting what we know to discover new ways of being. Regular meditation practices accelerates the achievement of this goal and produce visible positive results.

      6.Learning something new requires considerable energy and our undivided attention. Consider when you first learnt to drive a car, the level of attention you possessed compared to that of an experienced driver who is primarily operating on auto-pilot. We have the ability to alter who we are with every new piece of information that we learn. By combining this new information with practical application, a new experience is brought to life. We invoke greater levels of change, the more we repeat this process.

      7. Our life-long repetitive negative thoughts are significant contributors to stress and disease within the body. Stress causes us to live in ‘survival’ state which negatively changes our internal state and exhausts our body. In turn, generating adverse responses including: anger, depression, misery or confusion. When we are in this state, it can be likened to behaving like a bird trapped in a cage or a prisoner held captive, we fail to see the possibilities for our life. This is how people become ‘stuck’ for their consistent emotional state is highly addictive resultant of the production of neurochemicals.

      8. There are 4 main regions in the brain. The frontal lobe is the most malleable part of the brain responsible for decision making. The cerebral cortex or neocortex is responsible for our ‘free will’. It stores 90% of the our brain’s neurons and manages information, attention, awareness, thoughts, language and recordings of our knowledge and experiences. The parietal lobe processes sensory information with the temporal lobe controlling smell, sounds, speech and vision.

      9. Our genes impact our behavior yet research demonstrates that we can produce positive changes. In 1942, Conrad Waddington introduced the term ‘Epigenetics’, which is the impact of genetics on development. Those successful in creating change, studied others via education utilizing books, movies and inspirational people to develop new thoughts and create new ways of being. Visualization is a powerful tool used to stimulate the brain to generate strong mind-body connections.

      10. Our state of being consists of our repetitive cycle of our constant thoughts combined with the production of chemicals within our body which generates our emotions. This repetitive cycle has a direct impact on our behavior.

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