900 US Healthcare Heroes.
Dead from COVID-19…
Does Anyone Care?

It has been recorded that over 900 frontline healthcare workers have died in the US from COVID-19. This information was released by the interactive database in association with KHN and The Guardian newspaper in the UK.

They are trying to keep accurate records of those nurses, doctors and health care workers who have died during this world wide pandemic by putting their own lives at risk to help and save others.

They have managed to collect data using public records, online obituaries, local media groups and communicating with working unions.

This is important information and journalism being conducted as it to vital to track how the coronavirus has affected all parts of our society but especially those who are in dangerous working environments every day.

Were deaths preventable?

It is understood that some deaths were undeniably preventable due to the shortage of good leadership, poor decision making, a shortage of protective gear and workplace social distancing in place.

Many hospitals with a large numbers of infected patients and working in such close quarters with these individuals, it is inevitable that the infections were going to spread on the front-line health care workers.

It is believed that the federal Government did not include health care workers in their data of deaths with regards to COVID-19.

The most effective mask is known as the N95 mask and there have been many cases from health care workers and nurses mentioning that the hospitals have run out of these supplies and are giving surgical masks to their workers instead which are known to be far less effective than the N95 mask.

PPE Supplies

In a perfect world there would be enough PPE supplies for the public and the workers who need them the most. The question is why was it so hard to get the supplies needed? Why was the Government and health care industry not in a position for a potential pandemic when pandemics have been happening around the globe for centuries?

We would expect better preparation from these institutions and our leaders considering we are in 2020.

Such a difficult test for everyone involved and with loved ones not even allowed to visit their family members in hospital or attend a funeral because of prevention of large group gatherings.

Because of this, there have been a variation of ways to honor those who have died protecting and serving society and the nation as a whole. A nurses union laid 88 pairs of shoes outside of the White House in memory who had died working beside their fellow colleagues in the district.

What next?

It is now the middle of September 2020 and the number will likely climb until we can get a hold of the virus and find a vaccine. With travel reopening, and workers getting back in the office more and more people will unfortunately spread the virus even with measure in place to slow the spread.

The frontline workers continue to put themselves at risk day in and day out. Working tireless hours putting their own life on the line for their fellow citizens.

Support our health care workers

We must do more to support the health care workers and put them and their family in our thoughts for those who have passed and do everything for those who are still here.

We have taken the health care system and their workers for granted for many years, let us celebrate them now and treat them like the true heroes they are.

Thank you.

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